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A new class each week – Barre Above, PiYo & P90X Total Body Strength.

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Barre Above

Barre Above is the conditioning dancers do before they learn choregraphy.  Inspired by ballet, yoga & Pilates + cardio and strength training focusing on muscle endurance.  The ultimate lower body workout!  

Bring a mat, hand weights, towel, water.  Use a chair for barre work.  Gripping socks optional.


PiYo is a low impact, total body sculpt, sweat & stretch workout.  Build core strength, flexibility & balance with moves inspired by yoga and Pilates.  Cardio & strength segments included.

Bring a mat, towel & water.  Shoes optional.


P90X is a total body strength workout focising on building muscle strength and endurance with hand weights and cardio.    

Bring a mat, hand weights, towel & water.  Wear comfortable shoes.


P90X/Total Body Strength classes will be resuming July 19 at the new Carissa’s Fitness Studio in Hilo, HI. 


Sundays 1:30-2:30

$5 drop in or $20/5-call punch card (pay in class)

Participants must preregister online.

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Studio Health & Safety Guidelines

  • Do not come to the studio if you are feeling sick or show illness symptoms.
  • Wait outside the door until your instructor allows you to enter.  Sanitize hands upon entry.
  • Face masks required before and immidately after class.
  • Maintain a 6 foot distance from others. Stay in your marked workout area during class.

Sara Krosch, MA, BS-T, CHC, ACE-GFI

Empowering healthy lifestyles through group fitness, education & health coaching

I am a Certified Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor with 10 years of Health Behavior Change Promotion experience.

Health education workshops focising on reaching diet and exercise goals and adopting a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.  Also, targeted sessions for pre-diabetics aiming to reverse their health status.  


If you seek personalized support, Health Coaching offers 1-on-1 accountability and tools to develop and reach healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle goals.

Beginning Fall 2020

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