Hawaii Island

Group Fitness Classes

IN-Person & ZOOM

PiYoFusion Sundays 10:30am Hawaii time
in studio or via Zoom

COMING IN December

Barre Strength
Hawaii time
in studio or via Zoom


Moderate impact, total body workout focusing on core strength and flexibility inspired by Pilates and yoga choreographed to music.  This class is a blend of PiYo and the NEW SoulFusion utilizing a mat and light handweights for a full body workout.

Barre Strength

Beginning in December
Build muscle strength and endurance with moves inspired by Ballet conditioning and Pilates for the ultimate lower body workout infused with cardio, upper body, and core strength segments.

Special Event

If you have feet this workshop is for you! 
Learn easy exercises to improve foot flexibility, balance and agility. 
Whether you are already a barefoot exerciser or you prefer wearing shoes, our feet are our overlooked foundation of health.  Treat your feet with exercises to help common foot issues including Plantar fasciitis, over pronation/flat feet, and bunions.

Class limited to 9 participants.  In-studio event only.  $10


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